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Claudia Party


Shoutouts to My Friends

You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

A Shoutouts page lets me say hello and share a few inside jokes over the web. Here's an example of a format I might use.

Ya! Ya! You know who you are!!!  LOL!!!  Ok... you rock my world out loud!! You make everything seem funny espacially your face...just kidding, just kidding!!!  I just love ya so much... I wont eva forget you.  "Dream, your heart away! Dream, your lfe away... DREAM YOUR SOUL TO ANOTHER DIMENSION!!! LOL! LUV YA!!!

Well even though you are as smart as a bear... I love you(as a friend).  And even though you can be a little ok alota rude... I STILL LOVE YOU GURL!!!

Eyeguy wants to be friends

Walking dude
OH...MY...GOSH!!! Where to beguin with the jokes! LOL! "NO!!" LOL!!! Otti keep on drink'n the Sparkl'n Grape juice out of the bottle LOL!!! I dont think you understand that.............. ROSE!!!  AH HA!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! LUV YA GURL!!!

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